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What happens to you while listening to a Great Song:


When you listen to a Great Song it is so telepathically captivating and emotionally moving you become it.

How GREAT the listener feels the song is depends on:
how deeply the song telepathically captivates and emotionally moves the listener to become it.

How POPULAR the song becomes depends on:
how many listeners the song telepathically captivates and emotionally moves to become it.


Note: the telepathic connection described above may be invisible to the naked eye, but it’s unmistakable to a spiritual being, especially when the performer’s invitation to become their song is so clearly intended.

 • Here is a singer who demonstrates that unmistakable telepathic spiritual connection by captivating and emotionally inspiring everyone to be really happy as she performs a truly Great song.

A quick overview for you now.

Following and doing the program How to Write and Perform a Great Song will show you how to do the above exactly.

Click here for more specifics on an analysis of a Great Song

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  1. Peter L says:

    This collection of lyrics and eventual completed songs, including how to write a great song is really something.
    Never seen anything like it on the net before.
    There is so much insight you have shared that really touches me.
    In fact, it is a constant source of wonderment just how much is in this website.
    You need several weeks to just read it all, or if you want to learn how to write and perform a great song, several months to achieve that elevated goal by doing the program presented.
    It’s really a carefully arranged program too, with every little nuance of what it takes to write a great song, with practical exercises designed to help you apply everything.
    Nothing has been left to chance it seems, so I am looking forward to continuing in my search to become a really good songwriter, something I have wanted to do since I was very young.

    The author also surprised me with a new idea and step by step process to formulate your own songwriting and performing code that speeds up the learning curve greatly and gets you familiar with succeeding without the losses and heartache you hear so much about on that rocky road to stardom. Very unique.

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