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A quick look inside

Here’s a quick look inside this website at some of the songs and info that are included in:

Part 1) –  • 57 Original Song Albums
Part 2) –  • How to Write & Perform a Great Song


Many many topics and areas of life have been written about. Vary your wordings as needed and use the search bar appearing on any page you happen to be on, and you just might find what you are looking for. 


Part 1)

Some songs from the 57 Original Song Albums

        Just you

       •  Magic children
       •  Magic artists

  Wondering about death
 Urges i1side of us

  Your mind
  Why cancer
  Why don’t they like me
  Silent wars of the spirit

        All about your intention
       •  Karma
       •  God is NOW!
       •  Rhythms inside of us
       •  The Return Album

       •  Nothing
       •  All alone
       •  Sex or it is love?
         What really happens when you die?

  Past lives
  Family first
 There are those who destroy

  The one you wonder about
  Behind the mask
 The shame remains
 Once upon a time…

  They lie continuously
  Everybody’s Heaven

  Your body
 What’s it feel like to be outside your body?

Part 2)

        Some key excerpts from How to Write a Great Song

        •  The complete step by step process for writing a Great Song
        •  What is this invisible thing that makes a song GREAT
        •  There are those who want you to fail
        •  How to create your own necessity so you’re successful
        •  How to create your very own Songwriting Code (Step 8)
        •  Interferences that can affect your songwriting
        •  The Songwriter/Performer’s Mantra

        Some key websites & You Tube videos that were also used 
        •  The history of music
        •  All about sound
        •  All about intervals
        •  How to play different instruments
        •  Who are you really?      

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