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Making everything in a song your own–Part 2


Intention is VITAL!
The all encompassing ingredient that makes every other ingredient in your song have life is your intention

Even though it is invisible to the naked eye, it is perceptible to the human spirit, which I assume you already know in your own way.

Putting your own intention into a song, is really another way of saying putting your own self or your own viewpoint into a song, because your intention is made of you.

Adding in your own choice of these ingredients into your song using your intention to drive them in, helps to complete your song the way you want to create it.

Your listeners intuitively understand and know when you have taken the time and care to do the above, because that is the magical language we human spirits use to talk to each other.

The various ways of owning
There is always a personal satisfaction when you know you own something, whether it’s a car, or a house, or your first bicycle, or something you have put everything into making or creating.

You may have experienced a different type of ownership for a person or a thing just because you perceive or feel you own it. That perception or feeling can result from your own intense love or admiration for that person or thing, which is different from “legally owning” it.

You own it because you are willing and very happy to be very close with that person or thing. It’s a spiritual process of familiarity that you go through to achieve that closeness, and well worth it as you probably already know.

As an aside note, sometimes you feel an instant familiarity and ownership with someone or something. That intuitive experience is treasured, whether you created that familiarity and ownership in the past, or right now.
You probably have experienced this sort of thing in a sudden inspiration for a song, or meeting someone that you instantly connect with.

The following program How to Write and Perform a Great Song is designed to help you create that familiarity and ownership anytime you want, despite barriers to doing so.

Life is magical, and remembering you are a spirit, not a body, will open up the whole world before your eyes.

And then there’s just YOU…
You’ll know when you experience the real YOU. It’s unmistakable, just like when you meet an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time but immediately know its them, despite appearances to the contrary.

You could say you are getting to know yourself again.

And infusing yourself into every part of your song, whether composing or performing it, is the action you do so everyone else will know it’s YOUR song.

When you realize you can make any song your own without even thinking about it, you will know you’re well on your way to where you’re going.

Using your intention drives it all home to your listeners.

This link will give you more insight into how to make a song your own.

Please note the following:

The above will get you started on making a song your own.

To gain a full and complete insight into how to make a song your own, follow the step by step program, How to Write and Perform a Great Song.  

Click here to go to What a Great Song is actually made of

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