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A fully formed Musical & Lyrical idea  – Part 2



Some or all of  • these ingredients of music, will be used by a songwriter while creating a fully formed musical or lyrical idea.

When talking about fully forming a Musical & Lyrical idea that will eventually be part of a complete song, it’s really a description of how you, a spirit, uses your own creative world and your body to compose music and lyrics exactly the way you want.

Explaining the above in a little more detail
A fully formed musical or lyrical idea has no uncertainty left in it because you created it bit by bit, kept what you wanted, discarded what you didn’t want, back and forth, back and forth, until you reach a point where you are completely satisfied with your result. 

The very personal process of making it your own may help too.

You use your own created “virtual workspace” for sorting through all your personal preferences for how you want your melody or lyrics to sound. The “back and forth” process that you go through during perfecting your melody or lyrics is occurring between you and your own created “virtual workspace”, as your body plays or sings your creations out aloud.

You will find yourself continuing to do that unique creative process until your final melody or lyrics turns out how you envisioned – PERFECT!

When you play a song composed in this way, the simplicity of the music and voice come across to the listener as one message, with nothing out of place, and it’s a pleasure to listen to.

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  1. click here says:

    I enjoy your ideas that anyone can relate to.

    • lingabee says:

      That’s great you found that quality in my site.
      I spent a lot of time on just that point, so it’s nice to know you got that.


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