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 A fully formed Musical or Lyrical idea – Part 1




What is a fully formed Musical or Lyrical idea 
One of the first things you do when you start to write a song is you think of a musical or lyrical idea, which you then create into a fully formed melody or lyric that you like and want to use for your song. 

The thinking that usually accompanies a new musical or lyrical idea tends to gradiently move away after you put yourself through the process of working through all your thoughts about it. You do this telepathically by using your own created “virtual workspace” in conjunction with your continual playing of the melody or writing out the lyrics, until you end up with the melody or lyrics you want.

You use your own Telepathy to write songs
It appears you are using  a spiritual type of communication called telepathy to help you compose songs.  

Telepathy also seems to touch on, and blend with one’s intuition, which could be described as the way you as a spiritual being observe, perceive, know and understand things, resulting in your own personal certainty that is communicated by means of your body.

Although it happens ultra fast, it seems you are telepathically communicating those musical ideas born inside of you, to your body, and as a result of many back and forth interchanges, a song is created that the world can hear and enjoy. 

Your internal telepathy keeps you in tune with your own basic intelligence as you combine and use your intention and attention to help you sort out which melodies and lyrics you feel are the best ones for your song, and factually, is probably a very common way people sort out anything unresolved.

You are the creator of that telepathy, so you have it within your power to make it come alive, or let it go dormant. If it goes dormant a loss of creativity can occur, which can often be made to come alive again by  using the info in this link.

As a result of doing the above, you would end up with a song you like, and one that others can like too.

How you want your music and lyrics to end up, motivates you through this very personal and unique composing process.

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