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What makes a song Great?



After many years of helping many different types of people create more in the way they innately wanted to, David became more and more familiar with the qualities that make a Great Song, and also what people really want in a song.

Everything in this website was the result of David’s unrelenting focus on careful observation and eventual understanding of exactly how we, the human spirit, create a Great Song.

He searched for many years, and finally found, researched and personally tested for workability, several simple remedies that help resolve  common life interferences that can tend to affect your composing and performing.

They involve delving into your own mind, so this website does not recommend you partake in any of the exercises laid out by the author, unless you are genuinely willing and interested in doing them as they tend to demand an intensity of personal participation you may not be used to.

David shared something very simple about what actually makes a song Great. He said, “It always stems from you, just you. There is no feeling of competition that way, just genuine and honest communication from the Songwriter/Performer to the listener. The more you connect your song to your listeners the better your song will be. Genuine and truly meaningful communication is most valued by people”.

He explained that far reaching truth in much more depth in the following analysis on connecting with your listeners.

“While that concept of connecting with your listeners may appear obvious to you, the importance and repetition of that concept seems undervalued and understated these days, except to those who have become successful and fully realized how vital it is.

“If you cut a phone line or your cell phone signal drops while you are talking to someone you lose your connection to them, and it’s minimally annoying to both of you, which is obvious, right?

“Apply that obvious reactiou to you as a performer and you can start to see the vital necessity of staying very connected to your listeners or audience using your own intention and attention constantly in your song.
Take your intention and attention off your live audience and you’ll notice you’ve lost all or part of their intention and attention to listen to you, and their willingness to appreciate your performance.

“Your intention and attention give emotional thrust and a directed location for the sounds you make with your voice and instruments. The more intention and attention you generate into your song, the more your live audience or CD listeners become emotionally captivated and inspired to add their own create to it as they listen.

“It’s the KEY to your success above everything else you do as a performer. Concert and CD sales could even be used to monitor that point as people tend to give something to people they feel gave something to them, especially when emotionally touched or inspired by them.

“My intention is that you begin your composing and performing knowing that truth, instead of hopefully realizing it at some future date in your Songwriting and Performing career.”

Doing the following program How to Write and Perform a Great Song, will take you through that complete process of writing and performing a Great Song.

As far as David’s thoughts about being a contributor to the World Wide Web he said, “Please just adhere to US and International Copyright and Trademark laws and my  Terms of Use  when utilizing my site and its contents. Linking to my site or any part of it is totally fine and encouraged.”

He then added, “I am actually living what I always dreamed for my life, which is quite exciting and very calming. Part 2) was to be able to competently help other musicians, artists, and anyone else who wants to create their lives in the way THEY have always dreamed about.

Part 1) is the continuing creation of this website and its content through my own song creation, which helps me keep evolving spiritually while using everything I discovered in Part 2), so I constantly compose and perform songs that others like listening to”.

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