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David embarked on a write-up called  How to Write & Perform a Great Song, accessed at the top menu bar, or on the right side of any page you happen to be on.

When asked about how and why he decided to create the write-up, he responded by saying, “It made me analyze how I actually composed and performed a song. I’m talking about what went on within me, within my mind, and how that influenced my body playing and singing what I musically and lyrically just thought up.

“That process urged me to separate out from my mind (which seemed to be more of a distraction than a help, and opened up a very interesting way to monitor keeping my songs original and how I liked them.

“I discovered I don’t innately use my mind to create with unless I want to create some sort of reactivity which really doesn’t have anything to do with aesthetics and creating songs, unless you want that type of song.

“It seems when I want t create a song I create this virtual work space “out of thin air” you might say, which I do, not using my mind.

“One could even say a mind is like a big camera that never stops taking pictures of everything around it, good or bad, and stores those pictures in never ending virtual filing cabinets to aid my future survival.

“The problem with a mind was it got altered, and was systematically swayed from its original intended purpose with too much noise entering in to its workings, and now it is an interference, especially obvious when you try to create something special.

“The analysis also helped me to understand and look at my use of my own intelligence consciously, which I discovered was key to using my own creativity as a Songwriter and Performer.

“I wanted to make it very clear to anyone interested, that they can write and perform a Great Song anytime they want, and I have presented a workable way, just by being willing to go through How to Write & Perform a Great Song, and especially the process of compiling your own  Songwriting Code and Performing Code.

“I realized that every songwriter has a mind and a body, just like me, and every songwriter has probably had their share of difficulties with having to live with both of them on a daily basis.

Your mind or body, or someone else’s mind or body, can interfere with you while you are trying to create a song, and I listed many of those points out in  things that can interfere with your songwriting. Later on I realized those points can also interfere with your performing”.

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