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About David (at the beginning)         


David naturally fell into music, and that urge to create continued. 

When he was 12 he just started playing the piano and improvising, and this was a fascinating mystery to him, as he had never learned or had any real contact with playing the piano before. Many years passed before that mystery completely made sense to him.

He also around that time taught himself the guitar after his uncle brought him back one from Spain as a surprise gift. He then continued learning from books and watching other musicians play as well as starting his own band at the age of 13.

A couple of years later he became interested in the flute and taught himself how to play it.

Improvising became an area of fascination for him, whether it was on piano, flute or guitar, and that self expression became his own personal looking glass into how a being creates, and also what can interfere with that creating.  

David made a statement about what he discovered through that looking glass, and said, “How I could suddenly play the piano but I had never had any contact with a piano before, and how I could improvise using melodies that appeared to me out of nowhere, were intriguing mysteries to me, and a constantly motivating urge to delve deeper and deeper into my own creative potential, and what sometimes interfered with it.

“This website is the culmination of the many many years of observing the spiritual nature of myself and others, and the final conclusions of what makes a song a Great Song, and how to write and perform one anytime you feel like it.”

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