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Step 8 – How to compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 5


Remember your code is solely for YOU
Always keep in mind while compiling your Songwriting Code this:       it is your code, and its sole purpose is to help you write the songs that you want.

Whenever you glance quickly at each finalized part of your code, it should always remind you that you wrote it, because it says exactly how you know a Great Song of yours should be composed, and you instinctively KNOW upon reading it that it will always inspire you in some way to go off and write one, despite how you feel or what’s going on around you.

Always compile your code alone
To fully benefit from doing your own Songwriting Code it is better that you work through each point by yourself, within your own world.

By long term observation it has been shown to be the best way to do it, because, in that way you will end up with your OWN code and not someone else’s.

Why compile your code alone

Your code should mirror your own unique songwriting creativity. That is the key to composing true original songs.

Another way to look at this process of compiling your very own Songwriting Code is you’re trying to understand the inner creative process of your own Greatness NOW instead of “going on hoping” into your future experiences, or that meeting with the right Songwriting mentor who will “magically help you” become a success.

But remember, the one thing in your favor whether you know it now or not, is you are totally capable of doing the above, even though you may be very much out of practice.

Disciplining yourself to exist calmly and with all your focus in the moment you are in now, although a tall order, is the ideal point from which to view your own creativity, and • this link has been tested for its workability and success in helping you to start doing that.

If you grasp your very own viewpoint, and who YOU really are, which means you are not anyone else but yourself, you will immediately see you are in the driver’s seat going towards your own destiny, and no one else but YOU is creating that destiny. 

Note: you should also remember a spiritual being is not a body, so to others you are more than likely invisible to their physical eyes, but they can feel or perceive your presence through emotion or in some other      telepathic way. The more they feel or perceive your presence in that way the more they know you are genuinely participating with them in your performance or recording.

 Go over what you have written so far in your Songwriting Code and add, remove, or refine anything in it to show how you see it should be now.

Relentlessly persisting till you find your own viewpoint
While you are thoroughly compiling your Songwriting Code it will become obvious that the final decision on how each point is finally worded ends up being solely reliant on your own ability to observe and sort out what is your own viewpoint, separate from everyone elses’.

You will instantly know when you find yourself, and thus your own viewpoint, because it’s like running into an old friend you haven’t seen in a while and their appearance may seem sorta different, but you just know it’s them. This video may spark some ideas about yourself and your own viewpoint also.

As you continue along that line of assuming your own viewpoint, more and more of the real you tends to appear. It’s usually just a matter of getting used to your own company again.

 Go over what you have written so far in your Songwriting Code and add, remove, or refine anything in it to show how you see it should be now.

If it were easy everyone would do it
Because you have collected many other viewpoints and ideas during living, the process of separating out your own viewpoint from everyone and everything else may take you longer than expected.

Any sudden idea of how much time it could take, or how difficult it could be, should be side stepped so you don’t quit before you get your own certainty it’s your viewpoint. It also could be a quick process. It seems to depend on how well you already know yourself.

The key is increasing your own certainty, bit by bit, from the personal process of familiarizing yourself with what is YOUR OWN viewpoint, separate from everyone elses’.

Finding your own viewpoint is not an absolute process of self discovery. Be willing to repeat the process, achieving many great points of self discovery along the way.
Each major point of discovery will take you into the next level, sorta like peeling an onion.

Your willingness to continue discovering yourself and how you view things is the key to your future success as a Great Songwriter and Performer, and your own joy of spiritual freedom.

 This exercise may help you to start separating out your own viewpoint.

 Go over what you have written so far in your Songwriting Code and add, remove, or refine anything in it to show how you see it should be now.

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