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Step 8 ) How to compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 16



A broader look at Songwriting
The creativeness of music is in the different notes you choose to play, and which of those notes you make into the many chord variations, and your choice of sequences and their moods that these notes and chords are played in. This would apply to using voice also.

Emphasis on chosen notes and chords while being played also contributes to creativeness as it communicates unique intentions, and should be done as you compose your song, just like when you talk to someone and you emphasize something you are saying to make a point.

Another part of creativeness is the duration that a note or chord sounds for, and the length of silence in between each note or chord. That gives you timing and an eventual rhythm.

Using your judgement in deciding what type of sound effect you want your song to have is also a factor in composing a song. A digital effects processor can be used to create many different types of sounds, or you can create sounds by arranging the acoustics of where you record, or, even use the naturally occurring sounds in your environment.

In the final analysis as a Songwriter, all you really want is a song you like, and one that others will like because they identify and connect with it so well that it helps them to feel themself again.

The Most Senior & Important Point in Songwriting/Performing

The most senior & important point in songwriting and performing is your willingness to remain yourself, no matter what. The importance of constantly putting yourself fully into what you are creating and performing cannot be said enough. Another way of saying that could be always sticking to your OWN viewpoint, separate from everyone else’s.

Making everything in your song your own till you are satisfied you have done that, is the main “How To” for remaining yourself while composing.

An effective way to make it easier to be yourself is to calmly focus your attention and intention in the exact and precise moment you are in right now.  This link contains focus drills which will help you do that.
Note: Those focus drills have unlimited use and can be done as many times as you feel the need to.

A simple truth
You are such a simple truth, yet it is very easy to overlook the real you, as you are essentially invisible to the naked eye, but are the undeniable creator of your own Great Songs.

You may have noticed this website keeps harping on that point repeatedly.
Any successful songwriter/performer will tell you the same thing in as many words.

Learning everything you can about composing and technique and playing is vital, but, unless you are there participating in every part of it, your songs will not have the passion and the punch that your audience silently demands and truly needs.

The discipline of making everything in your song your own and keeping true to yourself and your own view of things is something you have to constantly do, so getting used to that discipline is key to your Songwriting and Performing success.

Now go over what you have written so far in your Songwriting Code and add, remove, or refine anything in it to show how you see it should be now.

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