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Step 8) How to compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 3



Here we go…
You are going to use your favorite song as a point of reference to start formulating the beginnings of your very own Songwriting Code, given the fact you have already identified with the song as shown by your liking or love of it, so it must have in it what you feel should be in a Great Song.

Your Songwriting Code will consist of your very own personal preferences you feel should be in a Great Song. The following exercises in this Step 8) will help you bring those personal preferences out of yourself and onto paper or a computer where you can view them more easily, and decide how you want to express and word them exactly so they instantly inspire you to write a Great Song.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online course linked to, or any exercises suggested during the compiling of your very own Songwriting Code, unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so, as the degree of personal participation required may be something you are not used to.

Take out your favorite song
1) Take out your favorite song and watch or listen to it. As you are watching or listening to it, make a list of everything you like or dislike about its:

inspirational quality,
speed (tempo),
keys used,
scales used,
digital effects,
what instruments and voices are used,
and anything else you have gained from what you have learned so far from doing Steps 1-7 of   Section A).

The emphasis for the above exercise is on exactly HOW the song was composed, and understanding the inspiration that created it, and essentially what you liked or loved about it.

2) Watch or listen to it 9 more times, and each time repeat the above.

Note: If you need to, repeat the above as many times as it takes till you feel you have completely analyzed and understood everything about the song and how it was created.

End Result
You now know what the composer knew and experienced when they created the song, and HOW they created it.

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