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Step 8) How to compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 1


The overall idea of a Songwriting Code

Each point of your Songwriting Code should be written in just enough words that it instantly reminds you of what you need to do to write a Great Song, and no more. It would be simply stated and very direct.

You’ll know when you’ve completed each part or eventually the whole thing, because when you read it you instantly feel like writing a Great Song right then and there, as it sorta commands you to do it. That is its intrinsic power as a code, and one that will always do that for you, once you have it just right.

In other words….
What you are actually doing is formulating into your own words, reminders that instantly motivate you to create a Great Song with little or ideally no thinking about it, which is most likely what you are silently telling yourself to do anyway.

Yes….with your very own Songwriting Code you have finally put your innermost creative abilities that you innately knew but hadn’t fully expressed to yourself, into words that you can see and understand, and, that will ALWAYS motivate and inspire you to create a Great Song.

Becoming VERY familiar with your Songwriting Code is done by USING and REFINING it, USING and REFINING it, and USING and REFINING it until it simply becomes second nature.

It could take you a while
Don’t be surprised if it takes you longer than you thought to compile your very own Songwriting Code. You may want to complete it in stages, or, you could do it all at one time, whatever works for you.

The true essence of your own greatness is already inherent within you.

How long it takes to bring that creativeness out of yourself so you can grasp it completely is worth whatever it demands you need to do to bring it to the surface where you can familiarize yourself with it and USE it.

That process has been proven time and time again to be a VERY workable and doable way to grasp your own Greatness.

Delving into the inner workings of YOU can take a while, and is not for the faint hearted, as one will discover while doing that very personal soul searching process.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do any free online course linked to, or any exercises suggested during the compiling of your very own Songwriting Code, unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so.

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