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Step 8) How to compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 21



A focus on Certainty
If you can sit down and write a Great Song anytime you want, no matter how you feel, you’ll have achieved a certainty that you can communicate your innermost creations to the world in a way they like to experience, which is truly priceless.

That certainty would contain in it, how you see life, and/or prefer to see life, and that would shine through in your songs, so people would always know it’s a song from you.

The essential ingredients of that certainty are:

1)  Your existing self confidence that you already have to write a Great Song that you like, and that others can like too. That self confidence would be made of your own certainty that you can  spiritually connect with your listeners anytime you want, which is the key ingredient of any Great Song, and ideally be in sync and complimented by your  playing and singing ability

2)  Your continuing willingness to grasp your innermost musical and lyrical thoughts and turn them into what you know is a Great Song. A major part of that process is  making every part of the song your own.

3)  Your continuing willingness  to give and receive inspiration for writing Great Songs. That would also include inspirations that are so complete that you end up creating a Great Song “out of thin air”. 

4) Your continuing willingness to • repair your own world when needed, so you always keep the unique beauty of your own world within your own control. Your inspirations and creativity depend on it.

5)  Your continuing willingness to keep all of your intention and attention  calmly focused on doing points 1), 2),  3) & 4) above, because you’ve realized when you do, Great Songs seem to magically appear.

Note well : All the above points should be analyzed fully as part of compiling your very own Songwriting Code.

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