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Step 8) How to compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 22



You have now reached the Final Part of Step 8)
Persistence is quite a process, and it is assumed only you can fully appreciate what you have personally been through and achieved at this stage of your Songwriting adventure, so take a moment and write down what you have learned and achieved that means something to you. 

You should feel satisfied with yourself after doing the above action.

Your final exercise for your Songwriting Code
This final exercise is an all encompassing one that will get you putting everything you have learned so far into the creation of a song that you and others know will be GREAT.

So your exercise is to write a Great Song that you know is a Great Song, and you also know is good enough to be a hit. Use your now complete Songwriting Code to help you do that.

Adding any final touches to your Songwriting Code would also be done at this point, should you see the need.

End result
You have a renewed confidence in just how helpful your Songwriting Code is, and you are certain the song you wrote song is a GREAT Song, and so are your family and friends because they told you so.

Conditional step
If you run into a block or an impasse in doing the above exercise don’t worry. Just calmly take a step back from it all and do the following:

a) Go over each point of your Songwriting Code, and if any point doesn’t instantly make you want to do what you intended it to say, without even a second thought, keep simplifying it until it does, or, possibly discard it and re-do it.
Wording each line in such a way that it instantly motivates you to create a Great Song is something only you can be the best judge of.

b) Reviewing  Step 8) Parts 1–20 again may also help you do your final exercise above, and also gives you another look at refining your Songwriting Code should you now see the need.

If for some reason you can’t seem to resolve it for yourself, read over and apply any of the following interferences that may apply to you from some things that can interfere with your Songwriting.

Now that you have completed your very own Songwriting Code  go to Step 9

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