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Step 8) How to Compile your very own Songwriting Code–Part 19


Now you are going to make a song you already wrote your own
You have just taken the time to make every point in your Songwriting Code your own.

You have also also written a few songs as part of earlier exercises.

Now you are going to go through each of those songs you wrote and ensure you make every part of them your own.

Conditional: it is not recommended that you do any free online course or any exercise below unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so as the degree of personal participation needed may be more than what you are used to.

Practical Exercise for how to make every part of your song your own
The continuing emphasis in this exercise is on becoming very familiar with yourself and your own viewpoint so you know when you have made something your own. It is assumed you have already composed several songs in earlier exercises to be able to do the exercise below.

1)  Grab one of the songs you wrote in Step 8) Part 17 or any other song you wrote earlier, and assume or be the exact viewpoint and emotion you had when you got inspired to compose the song. You should feel that exact inspiration and emotion again that inspired you. Persist until you are sure you have done that.

2)  Now make the name of your song 100% your own, and ensure it expresses the inspirational message of the song itself that you worked out in 1) above.

3)  Now apply the process detailed out in this link to make the music & lyrics your own. That process ensures you become very familiar with every aspect of your music and lyrics and you should notice after you have thoroughly completed that your song now presents itself to you as totally yours, and yours alone.

It is also assumed that you have understood the importance of  spiritual connection when composing or performing your song, and that as part of that you use plenty of your own passion which is a common way of describing the thrust of your own desire to spiritually connect with your listeners.

The more passion and spiritual connection you generate, the more profound emotional connection you will have with your CD listeners and live audience.
It’s a self discipline you get used to doing the more you do it, and, is the mark of a true professional that people are instantly drawn into.

So, the overall purpose in this part of the exercise is to ensure newly that every line of every verse and its music are 100% your own, and as you read every line of the lyrics you know it means what it says because it connects to you, and it expresses the overall message of the song which you know will connect with your listeners too.

When you listen to the music accompanying every lyric line, it connects to you spiritually while listening to it, and you also telepathically feel or perceive the inspirational message you intended for the song as you listen to it. You feel your own passion connecting to you while listening to it.
Make any changes you feel are needed at this point.

4)  Now review your complete song, and refine any part of it that you now see needs it so as to make it 100% your own. This repetition will help you get it perfect, just the way you know it should be.

5) Listen to your whole song again, and it now should leave you feeling inspired and no attention on any part of the song that you still feel needs tweaking. Makes any changes needed.

6) Now take the next song you wrote earlier and repeat points 1)–5) above.

7) Repeat point 6) until you know you can make any song you compose totally your own.

End Result
You are so familiar with your own viewpoint and how you view things, separate from everyone else’s viewpoint, that the process of making your song your own is enjoyable and something you look forward to doing because you get a chance to learn more and more about who you really are, and, have real self confidence you can make a song of yours 100% your own.

                                       Believing in yourself is key

All you are really trying to do during the process of making a song your own is removing from it anything that you don’t feel expresses the real you, and how you feel and see things at the time.

The more you use your own intuitive sense of who you are and how you view things the easier it becomes to make a song and everything in it completely your own.

As you evolve as a songwriter/performer, and as a person, you may find your awareness of how you want to express the real you evolving too.

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