David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Quick Access links to “About David…”     • About David (at the beginning) • The Early Years • A… Click Here!

“About David at the beginning…”           David naturally fell into music, and that urge to create… Click Here!

“The Early Years…”   In the early years David spent a lot of time listening to recordings of many really… Click Here!

“A new career begins…”   And so, David embarked on the beginnings of a new career. He decided to focus… Click Here!

“The Sacredness of helping…”   David maintained an unwavering adherence to the privacy and confidentiality of the musicians, artists and… Click Here!

“Re-inventing himself as a composer…”     Although David had put his own musical aspirations on hold, something very interesting… Click Here!

“Why he did it…”   The song lyrics already published on this site, and eventually their music, plus the write-up… Click Here!

“What makes a song Great…”     After many years of helping many different types of people create more in… Click Here!

“How David writes and performs a Great Song…”     David embarked on a write-up called • How to Write &… Click Here!

“The Ultimate Life Lesson…”   Life lessons are experienced by everyone, and David was no different. He shared something one day… Click Here!

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