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Aesthetics – Part 2



The Vital Importance of Aesthetics  
The old saying “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” describes how personal the appreciation of beauty is.

Aesthetics that are infused into a song are actually tiny wavelengths of sound that are generated by a being through an instrument or their voice that have beauty and alluring emotion as their main quality. That beauty and unique emotion is experienced by the listener as they hear those sound waves presented as melodies and lyrics, and their appreciation of them always depending on their personal preferences.

The performer is actually sharing their true creative self with their listeners by getting their own body to make the sounds they want those listeners to hear and experience.

Sometimes a listener can feel so emotionally moved by the aesthetic beauty of a song, that they become absorbed within the performance.

You may have experienced a time when you weren’t feeling that great, and then listened to your favorite song, and then all of a sudden you felt great again. That is the magic that can occur when a performer that is fully focused and giving it their all, infuses their own brand of wondrous aesthetics into a great song.

Aesthetics pervades straight through the normal disagreements and differences that exist among people, and creates magic feelings wherever it goes.

Aesthetics are actually tiny wavelengths of high toned energy that will pervade straight through ANYTHING solid in this universe. They go straight through to YOU.

Here is an example of aesthetics in a  classic song from the 70’s, and here is another example of an • aesthetic mix of art forms.

Aesthetics can have a calming or softening effect on you, and that aspect is shown  here, • here hereand also  here.

The following performance shows  a combination of aesthetic music, dance, props & lighting

Aesthetics Pt 2Any art form can have an aesthetic quality injected into it.

Any person has the ability to create and communicate aesthetics as part of any action they do.

The amount of intention one uses to communicate thiose aesthetics will determine how easily others experience them.

Even making sure your body is dressed in clothes that have your personal touch or flair to them, is a way of expressing your own aesthetics.

You could probably think of many different people and things where you have been attracted to their beauty, and the intention that made them that way.


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