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Aesthetics – Part 1




Aesthetics is beauty expressed by a being in a way that they and others can admire it.

Aesthetics is the magic and beauty people long for in true art, which can be expressed in different ways, such as the charm and grace of the performer, how they look and move themselves, and the beauty they demonstrate in their singing and playing.

Aesthetics in its ideal form originates from the spiritual being themself, who instinctively uses their own mind and body to help them make it real to others, and experienced in the way they want it to be.

The genuine love that all beings cherish comes directly from the being themself. Aesthetics is a way of transferring that love directly into the world of other beings.

A songwriter is the source of the style of beauty they want their song to express. A performer then communicates that in their own way, whether they wrote the song or are only performing it.

How aesthetic something is can only be appreciated by the listener of the song, or for that matter, any receiver of an art form. 

Without aesthetics, music is less inspiring, less interesting, less spacious, and less magical.

With aesthetics an audience can come to life, can become inspired, and may even feel more themselves or attain personal insight.
That statement also presumes that the performer is fully focused and giving it their all while delivering their aesthetics.

Here are some videos showing aesthetics and the connection it creates in people:
• An example of the aesthetics of joy, inclusion, color, dance and voice

This video demonstrates age has no bearing on aesthetics

This video shows an aesthetic performance at the Royal Albert Hall

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