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"You will"

This website has 2 parts: 

Part 1)  • 57 Original Song Albums

Part 2)   How to Write & Perform a Great Song


In Part 1)  57 Original Song Albums you will find 1380 song lyrics in their first draft, many in 3/4 time and some without bridges. Their final form will change when the music is composed for each of them, especially some of the earlier ones written when I was still learning how to write more simply.

Part 2)  How to Write & Perform a Great Song was 8 years in the making, taking into account the many edits and revisions. 

Occasional changes to better clarify existing info may be done from time to time, but only with the purpose of making composing an even simpler process.

David’s plan was always to complete Part 2) above, before going back and composing the music for those first draft song lyrics in Part 1) above, as he knew from the beginning when he finally did complete Part 2) it would then give him what he needed to create the quality of Songwriting and Performing that was always within him, but never fully realized.

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