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You : you are a spiritual being.

You are not your  mind.

You often use your mind as a virtual workspace to help you figure things out for yourself, such as composing a song.

You are not your body, as evidenced by the many stories over hundreds of years, of ghosts haunting the living after their body dies. 

You are yourself.

You have your OWN viewpoint which you use to see and intuitively perceive what’s going on around you.

You instinctively use your mind and your body to help you live your life the way you want to. You get your body, often in liaison with your mind, to do what you intend.

You are not made of the same stuff your body is.

You are a spirit.

You always have been.

You always will be.

And… you can exist separate from your own mind and body and be free.

When things were simple

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