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Telepathy: a being can intend communication silently to themself, another, or others, and we call it telepathy. 

It is the term used to describe the subject of pure spiritual communication that is intended in some direction by the being themself, 

Telepathy is not made from anything physical that can be heard or seen, such as sounds we hear through our ears, things we can see with our eyes or feel with our hands.

It simply comes from YOU, and is driven by you as you do everyday in communicating to people. The more intention you use, the more you get people’s attention and interest to listen to what you are intending to them. Words or songs using a body, instrument or voice, are agreed upon ways to hear what is being intended within your telepathic communication. It’s that simple.

We are not part of this physical universe we live in, and never were, although we have located ourselves here at this time.

The telepathy part of any communication, although silent and totally invisible, is always there. How much of it is infused by the being into that communication, whether sound, or sound and visual, is totally up to the being themself, and anyone else helping them communicate their idea, thought or dream.

Thus we have the different intensities of creativity, and the spiritual and emotional effect it has on people listening and seeing it.

The amount of intention a Songwriter/Performer generates and infuses into their song telepathically so that it’s intended music, message and emotion is clearly and easily received by another or others seems to be what determines how Great that song will become.

Telepathy always comes from YOU, the spiritual being, and always will.
It ALWAYS precedes any communication that you give or receive, and when originating communication of any kind including songs, it ALWAYS  starts with YOUR idea, thought, or dream which then instinctively motivates you to make it heard or seen by another or others.

A more detailed explanation of telepathy



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