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Your own instincts and intuition
Instincts are things you resolved so well that you now feel confident enough to act on without a second thought or need for proof.

When you want to know or gain certainty about someone or something you tend to use a blend of your own physical and spiritual perceptions which could also be called your intuition.

Your intention motivates your instincts and intuition to help you solve and deal with life situations.

A way to make an intuition about someone or something a useful instinct is to familiarize yourself so well with everything about it that you don’t need to think about it anymore, and using it has become instinctive.

Here is  one way that has been shown to help you do that.

There are as many ways for you to use your own instincts and intuition as there are life experiences that pose challenges for you to solve.

Familiar sayings such as “act on your gut feeling”, “follow your heart”, “make a split decision”, “don’t second guess yourself”, have all been used to talk about them.

How willing you are to act upon your own instincts and intuition seems to depend on the amount of self confidence you now have from previously using them.

The more your your own instincts and intuition work for you, the more you will be willing to use them.

You should also know they can be made less effective by the general wear and tear from normal life interferences that we face, resulting in less certainty in using them.

When faced with danger
It has been observed that most people will rise to the occasion without a second thought, and use their own instincts and intuition to protect or defend themself, or someone they love or feel responsible for.

One’s body has its own instincts and intuition, and as an example, it will infuse the hormone adrenaline into itself as a survival mechanism to help it combat a dangerous situation.

A person’s mind uses its own instincts and intuition, like when one experiences a heavy impact. You may have experienced the phenomena yourself of your mind’s built in protection mechanism, such as when you go unconscious from a heavy impact, and upon awakening have no immediate clear memory of what just happened.

One of the main intentions of this website
This website was designed around you as a spiritual being, with info and exercises designed to help you get used to using your own existing instincts and intuition, while also building on them.

Although your mind and body are not the source of your own creativity, they are very helpful in bringing a Great Song into the world so others can hear and enjoy it.

Newly found instincts and intuition for Songwriting and Performing may happen for you as you persist in understanding the info in this website. To achieve that result you simply ensure you always take enough time to make each piece of info your own, and thoroughly do any info’s accompanying practical exercise until you reach its stated end result.

Separating out your own instincts and intuition
Getting very familiar with your own instincts and intuition takes practice, and a sincere willingness to keep doing it until you know you have done it to your own satisfaction.

“Originality” definitely relies on your ability to become very familiar with your own instincts and intuition. If you become familiar enough with them you may just run into the real you.

Most Great Songwriter/Performers have figured out their own unique way of becoming very familiar with their own instincts and intuition, and hopefully their true self.

• Click here for a further explanation about YOU, the spiritual being.

How will you know when you find yourself?
You will instantly know when you find yourself, and thus your own viewpoint, because it’s like running into an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time. Their appearance sorta changed, but you just know it’s them.
As you 
continue along that line of ability, you’ll probably start feeling more yourself, and then it’s usually just a matter of time to get used to your own company again.

Note: Because you have collected many other viewpoints and ideas during living, the process of separating out your own viewpoint from everyone and everything else may require you to relentlessly persist in what may be, a new experience in understanding yourself and how you truly view things.

It may take a while, especially at first, so be compassionate and patient with yourself as you re-familiarize yourself again with the real YOU using your own instincts and intuition.

Your own instincts and intuition are the invisible telepathic communication lines within your world you use to help you connect and align your mind and body so you compose a Great Song, and others can experience better what you have been thinking or creating.


Becoming one
Thoroughly understanding the info and doing the exercises • described in this link to their stated result have been successfully used by many as a very simple and doable way to make your world become a single calmly focused intention.

They help get you, your mind, and your body all going in the same forward direction, and can be done with a family member or friend anywhere you can put two chairs facing each other.



As you continue to use your own instincts and intuition as a key part of composing songs within your own world, you may also discover more often than not that you are composing songs that you like and want to publish, simply because they are coming directly from YOU.

Some people have described your own instincts and intuition as “trusting your gut”, “trusting yourself”, or “believing in yourself”. You get the idea though.

If you really take an honest look within yourself and how you do things in your life, you will probably notice your own instincts and intuition are abilities you rely on to learn and understand, and to get things done, and also generally live well, whether you use them consciously, or just take them for granted.

Using them consciously tends to open up greater creativity, so it’s worth taking a second look at that.

However you do it though, increasing the trust you have for using your own instincts and intuition is definitely the way to go.

The info above can also be applied to performing your songs as well.

• Section A) through H) is a more complete explanation and guide to understanding how to use, enhance, and add to your own instincts and intuition so you always have the confidence to write and perform a Great Song anytime you wish.

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