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Section B) What a Great Song is actually made of

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What a Great Song is Read more

Inspiration: one way it could be defined, is a newly perceived clarity or intense emotional experience about something, that not Read more

What actually makes a song Great: a Great Song loves you so much, you love it back.

It suddenly inspires Read more

Your body (its motions and actions) : music and lyrics could not occur without your body doing something. What it Read more

Your mind: you use your mind to compose.

Your mind is very useful as a virtual workspace for you Read more

You : you are a spiritual being.

You are not your mind.

You often use your mind as Read more

Your intention : it originates out of you, thus it is  spiritual in nature. It can pervade and Read more

Telepathy: a being can intend and receive communication silently to themself, another, or others, and we call it telepathy. Read more

Your attention:  there is another ingredient that is vital to composing music and lyrics, and that is your attention.

To Read more

Your interest: is simply the intensity of your own genuineness for wanting to experience or know about who or what Read more

Your own instincts and intuition
Instincts are already formulated urges or responses that you use without a second thought or Read more

Your own necessity to connect: it’s the amount of your own desire you feel you need to intend into your Read more

Your love: love is defined here as a varying degree of unique affinity or liking for another or others, that Read more

Your admiration: your admiration is generated by you. It has as its essence the willingness to observe and include another Read more

Your emotion : your various emotions that you experience have unique characteristics to them. The same various characteristics would apply Read more

Your song passion



It seems to be made up of :
your inspiration,
your Read more

Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT:  any voice or instrument makes sound vibrations which are soundRead more

Duration : how long a sound(s) is heard for.

The sound, from an instrument or voice, could last for a Read more

Sound quality : a song is made up of musical and lyrical sounds which generate sound waves that a listener Read more

Keys and Scales : there are 12 keys to choose from using the 12 notes of an octave  further Read more

Notes and Chords : a note is a single sound played on an instrument or sung by a voice.

A Read more

Harmony and Disharmony (Counterpoint) : Harmony amongst musical sounds can create a peaceful or pleasurable feeling within the listener.

DisharmonyRead more

Rhythm, emphasis, timing, spaces & speed: when you are playing a song there are points in the song that Read more

A fully formed Musical or Lyrical idea


What is a fully formed Musical or Lyrical idea: one

Read more

Aesthetics : Aesthetics is a vital part of any musical composition. 
Aesthetics is the magic and beauty Read more

Your joy : there is a real joy in creating a Great Song.

Infusing your song with your joy gives Read more

Your songwriting integrity : could also be called your personal integrity  which is explained in this article. That Read more

Making everything in a song your own–Part 1




It’s VITAL to make everything in a song your

Read more

Making everything in a song your own–Part 2


Intention is VITAL!
The all encompassing ingredient that makes every other Read more

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