David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 1

Name of Song: We’re all on display

Let them look at you, whenever, it’s easier that way,
Admiration is quite pleasant, if its given for free,
Let them look at your charm, at your smile and at your body,
It helps them be kinder, makes them calmer while they stare.

Just because they want to admire you, doesn’t mean a problem,
Just allowing them viewing rights, at least stops them being sad,
Unstable and confused from all the many losses,
Too much rejection and betrayals and much mistrust.

A feeling of emptiness, a sudden amnesia of who we were,
Can be calmed to a murmur, just let others inside,
Mistrust and rejection, could be the body’s problem,
These things soften with familiarity, try to understand.

You can’t be yourself, if you keep things too protective,
You’’ll make more losses and some upsets, trying to deceive,
You can always walk away from, you can always change direction,
You can always throw a smile, which seems to soften them with ease.

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