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Why this website was made:

To remind you that the one thing that makes a song great is you, even when you’re the listener.

When one fully realizes that truth, the composing and performing of a Great Song becomes doable.

                                                   • • • • • •

 After completing How to Write and Perform a Great Song you will be so familiar with your own GREATNESS and willingness to use it, that using it to compose and perform GREAT songs will seem like second nature, despite any hidden urges to feel or do otherwise.


A personal note from David

I had thought on and off for a long, long, long time about what is now in this website. On August 12, 2012 I realized it was the right time for me to begin.

The two projects How to Write & Perform a Great Song and              28 Original Songs Albums were both begun simultaneously.

I also realized that a website was the ideal place to put everything in that I create, as that would give me full control over its content which suited my approach to Songwriting.

My unwavering intention behind this site and everything within it is to help you connect with and be willing to use your own Greatness, which is absolutely necessary for the writing and performing of a Great Song that you will always be proud of.

And so I began…

I want you to know that everything in • How to Write & Perform a Great Song was thought through over and over and over and over, until I was satisfied it was just right. 

I would keep simplifying and refining the Songwriting and Performing info I was presenting so anyone could easily understand it from the viewpoint that it is YOU who creates a Great Song, and that your mind and your body are used by you to assist you in that very spiritually creative process. 

You will notice that I have continually focused on the simple truth that you are a spiritual being who innately uses your own mind and body to help you write and perform songs.
That is intentional, and you will see why as you read, understand, and gain certainty on the many precise learning processes included in my write up How to Write and Perform a Great Song.

Inspiring, captivating, thrilling, aligning, scintillating, and surprisingly spiritually stabilizing, is one way I could describe the adventure I went through in creating this website.

The How to Write & Perform a Great Song write up was completed in July 2018, and I always planned that right after that research was done, it would be the correct time for me to start composing the music for my existing first draft lyrics.

I felt that doing it at that point would give me the opportunity to use and also benefit from the simple discoveries I had made.

In the current ongoing project • 28 Original Songs Albums there are 429 song lyrics written so far, which for whatever reason came out of me first, and then I organized them as I progressed into what is now a total of 28 song albums.

Each individual song lyric was usually written in one brief sitting, mostly in 3/4 time, but not all, and now they will all need further simplifying and refining as I compose the music for them.

Everything in this site has been • legally protected, including this website’s logo at the top of the Home Page, which is a photo of the world with hands and colored musical notes around it and the words ‘Do it until you KNOW you can’ underneath it.

This whole site and everything in it is a good description of myself and how I look at things. I felt displaying photos and videos of myself had little to do with the creation of a Great Song so I left them out. Several years ago I had talked about why I prefer to remain faceless.

I found after years of observing the process of how a being creates something there were these recurring invisible and essentially faceless spiritual abilities inherent within all of us.
We use those abilities • telepathically within ourselves to get things done, but, it also became obvious that they are telepathically connected to where a Great Song originates from, which happens to be YOU.

And so, the main focus
of this website was born.


Those abilities will probably seem obvious to you at first glance as you use them constantly, even if in an instinctive or automatic way. A person’s eyes tends to show those abilities being intended into use.

Some you’ll easily recognize such as your intention, attention, your interest and your instincts and intuition.   

What may not be obvious to you is that they silently help in forming your own invisible telepathic communications system which you use to create a Great Song with, and for that matter, anything you want to get done.

Those ingredients and other song characteristics described here, include the different things that I have observed over the years a Great Song could be made of. You could say they give the song its own personality which is really your personality infused into the song.

This website focuses precisely on simple theory and precise learning exercises that are accessed in full here.

It will take you through that hitherto ‘mysterious’ process of writing and performing a Great Song in a simple and easy to understand way that you can use anytime. When you are done with everything in the       complete program it will seem quite natural to you to compose and perform a Great Song because you have this unshakeable certainty of how it is actually done.

The whole program  called How to Write and Perform a Great Song is offered free to anyone interested, as well as the 28 Original Song Albums which comprises 429 song lyrics in their first draft form, already published on this site.
The composing of the music to complete each of the songs is currently being done. The existing 3/4 time that most of the lyrics were originally written in may change depending on how the original inspiration for each song is now expressed musically.

Should you choose to learn thoroughly and use the 8 Section presentation • How to Write & Perform a Great Song, I wish you endless success.

My intention with each completed song will be that it captivates and deeply touches and inspires you, while helping you to separate out from anything that doesn’t feel like the real you.

Your feedback is welcome and I will always try to answer you.

You should know up front though that hate mail or hate comments, or communication obviously leading in that direction will not be accepted or posted here for any reason.
Should anyone feel offended at anything I have written I am sorry. That was not my intention I assure you.
One of the nice things though about the internet is you can always click your back button and be done with it.

My site’s purpose is simply to make people feel and do better, and regain their Greatness as a being to compose and perform.

You are basically good, and always have been. That innate quality will always silently guide and inspire you to your own Greatness within.


Note: this website does not receive any money for linking to any website, You Tube video, or Free Google photo, although some of them do sell things. Your access to everything in this website is free of charge.

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