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Why he did it


The song lyrics already published on this site, and eventually their music, plus the write-up for   How to Write & Perform a Great Song, are the main reasons for the site, and the only things that are of any importance to David.

As an added note, he commented in July 2015 about the lyrics he had written so far and said, “Each song lyric was usually written in one brief sitting, mostly in 3/4 time, but not all. They will each need further simplifying and refining as the music is individually composed and matched to each song, which will be started once I complete the write-up Part 2)  How to Write and Perform a Great Song. (Update – Part 2 was completed in July 2018)

He further went on to say about Part 2), “I decided to intensify my own self discipline as a songwriter and develop a much more refined skill for composing. That involved me consciously being within the now of the exact moment I am in as I compose, and the whole song being created in that way.
That intensity of self discipline seems to keep me evolving as a composer, and as a being, so who knows where it will end up once I start composing the music for each of the first draft song lyrics already published in this site.”

David then added, “To me, writing a song in that way also seems to increase the chances that the listener will somehow identify with it, and want to listen to it again because it makes them feel better than they just were, so I am really looking forward to completing the songs with their music once I have completed Part 2).

He then smiled and said, “I also have intentionally remained faceless so a listener’s thought processes will only be influenced by the               26 Original Song Albums and  How to Write & Perform a Great Song that I created. Their content is a more accurate and honest portrayal of what I’m like anyway, not my appearance or other such things.

” I see my website like the old time radio broadcasts before TV and now the internet, with the listener happily creating their own images of what they hear and perceive, which I feel is a nice way to get them participating with you.

“When a person after reading or listening to my website feels more themself, wants to continue exploring and learning more about their own creative self, becomes a better friend to themself, or even writes a Great Song, then I am pleased.
Those sorta things occurring would let me know the website achieved what I envisioned for it, and I love it when people let me know they have achieved those types of personal breakthroughs.”

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