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"Do it until you KNOW you can"

This website has 2 parts:

Part 1)  • 28 Original Song Albums

Part 2)   How to Write & Perform a Great Song


In Part 1)  28 Original Song Albums you will find 434 song lyrics in their first draft without bridges, mostly in 3/4 time, but not all. Their final form will change, some more than others, when the music is composed for each of them, which has begun.

Part 2)  How to Write & Perform a Great Song was 6 years in the making and is now complete.
David’s plan was always to complete Part 2) before going back and composing the music for those first draft song lyrics mentioned in       Part 1) above, as he knew from the beginning when he finally did complete Part 2) it would then give him what he needed to create the quality of Songwriting and Performing that was always within him, but never fully realized.

Why this website was made:

To remind you that the one thing that makes a song great is you, even Read more

A simple definition of a Great Song:

A Great Song loves you so much, you love it back.

It suddenly Read more

Why I compose songs:

To help you separate out from things that aren’t really you.

Composing as your true self Read more

How to navigate this website:

It has been observed that people don’t necessarily follow the exact order a website was Read more

A quick look inside

Here’s a quick look inside this website at some of the songs and info that are Read more

The Songwriter/Performer’s Mantra:

“Do it until I KNOW I can”.

(Mantra here means a simple statement that is important enough Read more

Discovering yourself


To help you find yourself :
a) Think of someone you love or like very much.

b) Read more

If you read something that you can’t make sense of…

Use the Comment form at the bottom of most pages, Read more

A really big thank you

A sincere thank you is extended to all those people who took the time and Read more

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